Loveday Brooke. The Black Bag left on a door-step


This is the first short story in the  Loveday Brooke series.

Loveday Brooke works for the famous detective bureau of Ebenezer Dyer in Lynch Court, Fleet Street. Loveday is a very cool professional, admired by her boss and her plodding male colleagues for her shrewd brain and for having ‘so much common sense that it positively amounts to genius’ .

Loveday Brooke was the first female detective created by a woman, and  the Loveday Brooke stories were written in a very interesting period, feministically speaking. In the Introduction Anja Murez explores some of the literary and feminist themes that are relevant to the popular fiction of the late Victorian era.


Cover Loveday Brooke. The black bag left on a door-step


London, 1894.  Meet Loveday Brooke, the first female professional detective

This is the first short story in the  Loveday Brooke series.

Craigen Court is burgled, Lady Cathrow’s juwels have been stolen, and her French maid is the prime suspect. In a neighbouring town a black bag is found on the door-step of a respectable old spinster. Inside are some clearly clerical belongings and a queer farewell note. Is there a connection?

With an Introduction by  Anja Murez.



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